Entry Information: How to Submit and Pay Online

How to Submit an Awards Entry

  1. Register for a CPRS Awards account. Once registered, you will receive a separate email to activate your awards account and to set your awards password. You will activate your awards account by clicking the link in the email.
  2. PLEASE NOTE: your awards account is separate from your CPRS member account.
  3. Go to Create Entry.
  4. Fill out Parts 1 and 2 of the form.
  5. If you'd like to enter more than one award entry go back to step 2.
  6. In "My Applications" make sure all fields are filled out and your entry is complete.
  7. Once you hit "Submit Entry" your application cannot be edited.
  8. Pay the entry fee(s) online. Follow the pay online directions below.

Important Deadlines

Entries must be submitted online by 11:59 pm Friday, November 14, 2014.

Entry fee(s) must be paid online by 11:59 pm Friday, November 14, 2014.

Award Entry Fees

Award Fee

Professional Awards of Excellence
Distinguished Fellow / Hall of Fame
Honorary Member

NO Fee

Professional & Service Awards of Excellence
Rising Professional
Citation of Merit
Champion of the Community

Excellence Awards
Creating Community, all categories
Design Awards, all categories
Marketing & Communications

$65 CPRS Member

$165 Non Member

Failure to pay the entry fee (if applicable) will disqualify your entry.

How To Pay Entry Fee Online

The entry fee must be paid on line at https://www.cprsmembers.org

Purchase orders and agency/personal checks will not be accepted. Your CPRS user name and password will be required to pay the entry fee online. Non members will be directed to create an account.

1.  Click on Log On – enter your first and last name, no spaces between the names, and your CPRS member number. Non members will create an account if you are not already in the CPRS database. (Please note: your payment password is NOT the same as your awards account password.)

2.  Click on Pay for Award Entry. You may pay for multiple entries at the same time.

Multiple Entries Are Allowed

Agencies may submit more than one entry per category but not within the same class or division. 

Judges Decisions are Final

Entries will be considered complete if all of the required information is submitted. Judges reserve the right to reassign an entry to a more appropriate category. The judges' decisions are final and judging information may be released upon the request of an agency to the Chair of that particular Awards Category. Judges are not required to select a winner in every category. For additional information on how to submit a more effective award nomination, review our "Award Winning Strategies."

Awards Submitted by Private Firms or Individuals

Award entries submitted by private firms or individuals, i.e. architects, landscape architects, planners, graphic designers, etc. must submit a letter from their client acknowledging their permission to submit the program or project.

What to Submit

Each entry must complete the Award Entry Form. Each category requires additional submittal information. Please read each Awards Program “Additional Submittals Required” section carefully to ensure your entry is qualified to be judged. Incomplete entries will not be judged.

Use these Tips and Award Winning Strategies to ensure your nomination is award worthy!

Photos: Digital photos must be no larger than 1MB to upload to the website. Please note that award recipients will be contacted to submit higher resolution photos for publication or use in awards presentations. We recommend setting your camera to the highest resolution possible and then editing your photos to 1MB for online submission. Acceptable format for photos is jpg.

All materials will become part of the CPRS library collection to share with other agencies and will not be returned to the entrant. The submission of this application warrants that all materials submitted do not violate any copyright or other proprietary rights of others; that the materials are original works; that any photograph or videos are clear of any ownership or copyright restrictions and those persons in the pictures or videos have agreed to or have no objection to CPRS using the pictures in promoting the agency's program or in any other CPRS material.

Questions regarding a specific award should be directed to the chair of that awards category.

Submittal information varies for each program. Click on one of the programs below to view what needs to be submitted.